A Letter From Judy Griffis

How can children send their own light to help carry out the Great Commission? The question bore heaven upon my heart. Through much prayer, I asked God to help me create something whereby younger children in the United States could be involved in missions. Thus, This Little Light of Mine was birthed. Kids helping kids: By allowing children to discover the joy of how little things can become big things through God’s blessing of their own efforts to help other children globally with basic needs.

This Little Light of Mine, designed specifically for children to participate in sending the light by missions giving, prayerfully, will instill the desire for life-long missions involvement and missions giving. Many children in the United States are unaware of the difficulties others their age face. Looking beyond their own blessings in order to become an instrument (or “light”) to bless other children their age is the primary focus of this program. It will be a prime opportunity for children’s workers, pastors, and parents to teach kids, even at a young age, that they can be a light to other children around the world. Equipping the youngest generation to send the light is essential in furthering the Great Commission.

Sometimes, children, especially here in the United States, do not realize the many needs and struggles that other children around the world have for basic things like food, water, clothing, safe homes, and opportunities to learn about Jesus. Making them aware of this need, globally, in addition to helping them grow a “missions heart,” is my sincere desire. I’m convinced that children can help send the light to other children!

May This Little Light of Mine be a blessing to both givers and receivers is my sincere prayer.