This Little Light of Mine

This Little Light of Mine focuses on aiding already existing projects geared toward children. We offer a free curriculum to help you teach your kids about missions.

We’re all about kids helping kids!



Deprived Roma children need food and living supplies. $30/month provides one child with nutritious food, medical and school supplies, and electricity. $50 provides enough food to feed an entire soup kitchen full of kids.

Project #102-9505-002

Czech Republic

Unchurched kids in the most atheistic country in Europe need to hear the gospel. $120 sponsors one child to attend camp and $150 sponsors one teenager. The camps provide an opportunity to reach kids in broken families and point the whole family to Christ.

Project #102-9505-003


Children in poverty need clean water. $150 provides a water filtration system, health education, pastoral visits, home evaluation and case management, enrollment in a trauma-informed education program, and participation in a Bible outreach program.

Project #102-9505-004


Kids working at Jax’s Goat Farm, a self-sustaining training farm, need more goats and supplies. $100 purchases a dairy goat. $50 purchases a mixed-breed goat.

Project #102-9505-005


Students in poverty need school supplies and shoes. $50 provides school supplies, books, and a pair of shoes for a pre-schooler. $70 provides the same for a student in grades 2-5. $25 provides a mattress and $10 provides a blanket.

Project #102-9505-001


Kids subject to street living need two vegetable plantations at Summer’s Farm. $200 prepares the ground. $200 every six months provides seed and fertilization. $150 helps feed around 70 children.

Project #102-9505-006